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Nationality : Denmark/U.S.
Born : Athens 1973 Jan.23
Height : 180cm
Weight : 98kg Athletic Build
Eyes : gray/green
Language skills : Fluent Japanese/English/DanishNicholas Pettas is a multilingual, multinational (Danish/American) Karate and Kickboxing Champion, and a star in the world of Japanese martial arts, where his intense fighting, and knowledge of the bushido tradition, has earned him the moniker, “The Blue-Eyed Samurai”.

Born on the Greek Isle of Mykonos, he moved to Denmark at the age of 3 following the death of his father. At the age of 14 he took up Kyokushin Karate, a move that would forever change his life. By the time he had entered high school, he had made up his mind to go to Japan to train with Master Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama, the founder of the Kyokushin style.

At the age of 18, Nicholas entered Master Oyama’s 1000 day live-in, rigorous, boot-camp style program, Uchi Deshi. Nicholas became the first, and until this day, is the only non-Japanese to ever complete the program. Unfortunately shortly after his completion Master Oyama passed away, and was not able to witness his protege’s many accomplishments to come.In 1995, at the age of 22, he became the European Heavyweight Karate Champion, and in the same year took 5th place in the World Championships; then 3rd in 1997. Soon after he started his career in K-1, the most prestigious kickboxing organization in the world and in 1999 won the K-1 Japan Grand Prix, placing him among the top 8 kick boxers in the world, and fighting before over 70,000 spectators in the Tokyo Dome.

With his newfound fame, and aided by his rugged good looks and smoldering eyes, Nicholas was soon found himself being wooed by the media, appearing in a number of variety shows, TV dramas, radio shows, and various guest appearances and demonstrations. He has since turned his focus to acting, with the same intensity, dedication, and passion that has made his name and reputation in the martial arts.

In 2003, Nicholas made his film debut in the Japanese movie, Ikken-ya Puroresu (House of Smack Down). In the same year he also appeared in the film Road 88, playing an American Buddhist monk, making a motorcycle pilgrimage around Japan. 2004 he completed filming of Siberian Express 5, appearing as a Russian cop. 2005 has proven to be a new year for Nicholas and also a new chapter in his acting career starring as the lead male role in the movie “Wrestling Inferno”, and during May Nicholas spent time in New York and L.A. shooting on the Japanese production of the Movie “ The Winds of God, Kamikaze”, sharing the lead role with a Japanese actor Masayuki Imai, in a yet to be released movie about the true spirit of the Japanese kamikaze pilots during the second world war.

Kyokushin Karate European Champion 1995
Kyokushin Karate 6th.World Championships 5th.place 1995
Kyokushin Karate World Weight Category 3rd. 1997
Kyokushin Karate 7th.World Championships 5th. Place 1999
The 10th.Shin Karate World Championships Champion 1999
K-1 Japan Grand Prix Champion 2001
Selected body of work:
House of Smack Down (2003)
Road 88 (2003)
Sibirian Express 5 (2004)
Wrestling Inferno (2005)
The Winds of God, Kamikaze (2005)
Junk Sports semi regular post
World No.1 muscle ranking TBS
Kings Brunch Ch.4
Odoru Sanma variety program ch8
Sekai gorippa regular post ch.8
Go Go Eigo regular post ch.4
ron Man
Black belt magazine
World Karate, front cover
Monthly Martial Arts front cover
Weekly Martial Art
Weekly young Champions
Power Watch
Gong Martial arts
Event & seminar:
Karate seminar in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Moscow, Habarovsk,
Quebec, Seattle, Los Angles, Rangoon,Amsterdam and Copenhagen
Talk shows at Rikkyo University, Waseda University
Martial Arts Seminar at the Officers Military Base in Camp Zama
Special Skills:
Snowboarding, Snorkeling, rock climbing, Life guarding, Body guarding,
Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Katana, Tameshiwari
(breaking techniques of various materials such as Ice, boards, bottles, baseball bats etc.)